The Fun Stuff page


This page will post fun stuff to download and other items for girls and guiders.

Why not make a camp blanket for your stuffy?

Meet Bunny!  She goes to every guide camp that I do!  She loves her camp blanket that I made for her (and so does everyone else)!

If you have a square scrap of blanket type material, and some wool, then you can make one too.  Simply cut a neck hole (shape of a T).  Blanket stitch (see picture below) around the outside edge of the blanket and around the neck hole.  Sew some fun badges on it. 

Voila!  One stuffy camp blanket.

Bucket hat pattern

This bucket hat pattern is very similar to the girl guide camp hat.  If you are into sewing you may want to try and make one yourself.  I have made a sample and posted a picture beside the file.  I had to shorten the height of the hat and the width of the brim for a child to wear.

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Knitted Girl Guide toque pattern

Here is a link for a nice girl guide toque pattern to knit.  It is on BC's West Kootenai Area site.